Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News!

My Dr. appointment went very well this morning. The bone is healed sufficiently to allow me to put weight on the leg again, but the knee is still rather wobbly, so I have to have an immobilizer or a brace to stand and walk. I have an immobilizer already, but they also fitted me today for a custom brace that will be delivered in a week or two. I even got to pick my color! Guess what I chose!

My folks stopped in town yesterday and today to visit, so we all went out to lunch after my appointment, and then went to the zoo! We got there just in time to see the Baby Elephant (still unnamed). He is so cute! I was hoping we'd also see baby cheetahs, but I don't think they're in a public display, although we didnt' ask about them, so we might have just missed them. Truth be told, we lost energy quickly. Apparently it's much more challenging to navigate the zoo while pushing someone (me) in a wheel chair. We did get a good parking spot, though! It was great fun, but we're all totally wiped out now.

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