Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Weekend!

After my Dr. appointment Friday, we went to the zoo with my parents, as I mentioned before. Here are a few of my favorite shots from what DH (the professional) took. I'm glad he got the Markhor because I couldn't see him well from my chair, even when I tried standing a bit.

I didn't bother to go up the boardwalk to the Lion enclosure, either. Boy, is my hubby good, or what?!?!?

These next shots are from yesterday. DH, Si and I went to Highbanks Metropark for a short visit to the nature center there. It is always fun to sit at the window and watch to see who shows up at the feeders. I loved the pics DH got of them all, but these are my 2 faves. There were about 4 little Red-bellied woodpeckers going back and forth between the feeders and the trees.

This Blue Jay had a nice little snack, too!

After a little while, I went out to the deck for some nature time with knitting. :-)


Tadman said...

Suzie wondered why you didn't post a pic of the new baby elephant...

Glad you are doing so well!

Cheryl said...

these are beautiful photos DH took. I especially like the candid one of you :)

katie said...

Wow, great photos! My little guy is capital O obsessed with birds right now, particularly woodpeckers, so I'm going to have to pull this up and show him later!

Was the lion growling when you were there? He looks pretty content. The last two times we've gone, he's been pacing and growling something fierce!

Glad you got out on such a gorgeous day!

Cat said...

Katie - I have thousands of bird pics my husband has taken. He used to be the photographer for the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources, and I would be happy to share his bird disc with you!

katie said...

Really?!! That would be fabulous! J is loving these, just as I thought! :)