Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been thinking about philosophizing about friendships and stuff, but frankly, I'm pooped out. Working full time again, going to PT a few times a week, and still dealing with sinus issues (could I be allergic to my new branch?) has taken its toll. So, instead of some deep treatise, you get a few pics and captions.
I was able to take some pics of my staff at Linden before leaving there.
(Here's Jon)
They were . . . tolerant. LOL

William making his "sweet" face.

DJ and Keith - DJ doesn't actually work there, but she might as well!






Carmen, one of my best buddies from the Linden Community. She gave me so much good advice over the years I was there!

These next pics are from the wedding shower my mom, sister and I had for our new sister, Suzie. Don't we all look like we're having fun?
That's because we were! Suzie is a wonderful woman, and I'm very happy for both her and my brother. The wedding is coming up on July 25, so check back for more pics next week!

Lovely flowers in an old hand-painted china watering can. Is my mother amazing, or what?

Also last weekend, I got to see some old friends! I met Josie and Mackenzie about . . . hmm . . . 25 years ago? Kenz was about 5, and Josie and Kenz's dad were 2 of the youth counselors at the church where I was working. We hit it off instantly, and , although we've gone quite a while without really keeping in touch, I feel that she is still a dear friend. An added treat - Mackenzie has turned into a fabulous woman, and I honestly feel like we are instant friends again, just like I was with her mom at that age! Weird fact - she is now older than I was when I met her. LOL

I just want to say that I feel wonderfully blessed to have so many friends. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, and thanks for hanging in there with me through all the recovery crap!


Cheryl said...

Cathy, you have a great smile. You light up a room.

Jim Brochowski said...

Awesome awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

Your friends feel very very fortunate to have you as a friend too. :-)