Friday, July 03, 2009

Patriotic Poetry Friday

I won't comment on my health other than to say I feel crummy. Dratted sinuses.

In honor of Independence Day, I offer up a link to the poem "The Battle of Lexington" by Sidney Lanier. I like that it doesn't sugar-coat the bloodiness too much . . . but it is still romantic in an historical way.

Here's my favorite stanza:
Good men in fustian, stand ye still;
The men in red come o'er the hill.
Lay down your arms, damned Rebels! cry
The men in red full haughtily.
But never a grounding gun is heard;
The men in fustian stand unstirred;
Dead calm, save maybe a wise bluebird
Puts in his little heavenly word.

I can just imagine, men poised for battle and that calm before the chaos where you can hear a bird chirp.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Anonymous said...

Miss you girl! Need to start another blog. Gwen