Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Harry Potter slipper socks are finally done! He loves the, too. :D I think they look pretty swell, actually. I don't like how I did the striping on the backs . . . but I'll work on that.

These pictures are from Boy Scout camp yesterday. We just went for the day. Simon should be able to advance in rank in June!

Samwise was trying to write! I was trying to get him while he was still holding it more securely but I wasn't quick enough.


gerald said...

Knice Work!

The Spinning Geek said...

Awesome Socks. I've been working on trying to teach myself toe up socks, but messed up royally on the heel, so i frogged it and i'm back to the old fashioned way.... GRRRRR! lol. Keep on knitting