Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekly WIP update

Weekly update on my knitting! I've finally finished those toe-up socks. If you recall, I didn't like the way the first afterthought heel was looking, but after letting it languish in the jumble of the spareroom for a while, I've changed my mind and decided it's ok. So both are done now. I think I've just finished my first in a long series of Christmas presents . . . but I don't know, yet, who will get what! hehehe

The heel has 6 points of decrease instead of 4, and it's kind of cool to look at . . . also rather fun to do. I DO NOT likc picking up all those stitches from the waste yarn, though. BLAH! POX on picking up stitches! I doubt I'll do those afterthought heels again. Best to do them while you're knitting the sock IMHO - mostly because I'm lazy.

Next in the knitting line-up is the talisman bag. I actually finished this a few weeks ago to send to a friend who was having a scary medical procedure. I didn't want to post it before he got it, you see. You can see the purple heart I made from Sculpey, too. The pic is taken with a dime so you can see how very small it all is. These are really fun to make! I think I did this one on size 1 needles, but I bought these small needles in a set with various sizes and if they weren't different colors I'd be even more confused than I am! I never know what size I'm using. I cast on about 24 stitches and then just see where the yarn takes me. I like to design it to match the coloring on the yarn. Then I add the little beads and the string, etc.

Now for the Harry Potter socks. When Simon and I were buying all those Civil War soldiers for his diorama, I made him come into the LYS (just 2 doors down from Hobbyland!) and pick out yarn for a pair of very thick, slipper-like socks. After seeing Brow's HP booga bag, he decided on these Gryffindor colors. It's delicious bulky yarn, and I've really been enjoying these socks! It took me only 4 days or so to do the first one! Helps to not have much of a cuff, but it's so nice and thick it just goes like a breeze. I'm using #6 needles. I designed and worked the lightening bolt into the heel flap. Why aren't they done? I've lost one of my needles! I need to run by the LYS on my way to work today and buy another. DRAT! They've been dormant now since Tuesday. BLAH!

Do you see how I've worked his name in, too? On the other sock I'm going to reverse it so that you can read it from above while wearing it. It'll look upside down to onlookers. ;-) I love making whimsical things!

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