Monday, May 08, 2006

New sock that I cast on with size 00 needles. WAY TOO SMALL! Even I, the queen of no gauge, can see that. FROG!

And here you see the sock, after having been frogged from the too-small needles, cast on to the size 1 needles. Much better. When I did this number of stitches (64 for those of you who care) on the #2 needles, the sock was too loose. It was the same line of yarn, too . . . so this #1 version should be right, right?

I really love the colorway! (note the real knitterly terminology . . .normal folks would just say "I love the colors!")

Now that I've mentioed it - why is it necessary to say "colorway" when saying "colors" works? One of you needle-hos answer that for me, would you?


Kay In New Mexico said...

Necessary to say "colorway"? This needle-ho doesn't think so! Maybe people who lack confidence in themselves, or who want to impress others with how much they know, use a lot of specialized (i.e., "elitist"?) terms for what they do. "I know all the pootsie language for knitting, so I must be better than you."

Cat said...

Welcome to my blog, Kay!

I have to agree with you! Snooty!

Cara said...

Quilters say colorway too. A different colorway of fabric is the same print but in different colors.

What you are calling colorway, we would call verigated. Now that several manufacturers are making varigated thread, the length of varigation is now a topic.

We also talk about fat quarters and matching points.

......and the Quilt Police.

(and anyone who doesn't happen to be there.)

Remember, the art is in the artist, not the crayon.

Oh, and I came here by way of Yarmondo's blog