Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Knitting!

This is our gingerbread house. Lovely little abode, eh? Notice the little people on the front?

Jay, Andrew, Daisy (their new puppy) and Simon. It's really cool to see my own son playing with the younger kids and being sweet and wonderful about it. Warms the heart.

My dad and mom with their new scarves. You can see that Dad is wearing the hat I made him for his birthday, too - they are of the same yarn. Yes, they love their gifts! The moebious scarf is so long, Dad was getting creative in putting it on - looping it all around his body. I have decided not to share those pictures. :-\

A closeup of Mom's scarf. The yarn is exquisite, and Jan at the Merc found me the absolute perfect garment for it. It turned out perfect (well, except for a few well-placed mistakes so that we all remember that I am not perfect like God . . . or something).


Beth M. said...

Hey Cat... I have the pattern that you used on your Mom's scarf but what yarn did you use? It looks so nice!

Cat said...

It's the silk/mohair stuff that the Merc has on the table by the couches. I
got this skein in NYC, though, and there is a smidge of bling in it. The
yarn is really soft, though, and the blingless versions are equally
beautiful. For a one-skein project, it doesn't seem as expensive. LOL