Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gift Giving

I finished all of the presents I made for my staff: 2 scarves, 3 tiny sock ornaments, 12 hats. I went in to work today (I've been off all week) for the party (just a potluck in the break room) and delivered them. A few people were very touched by the time it took, etc. A couple just sort of brushed it off (it seemed) and the rest hadn't opened them by the time I left. Makes me wonder: what do they think, really? Are they expecting presents from me, the "boss" of the branch? I never expect gifts from my own supervisor. Sometimes all of the administrators will go together and make a donation in our honor to the Literacy Council or something, which is very nice. I've not received a gift from my staff for a few years now. Maybe I should just stick to family and just give out cards at work. I was just feeling - I don't know - generous. I wanted to do something nice for each of them. There is a little, tiny bit of me that feels like they don't appreciate me . . .but I am trying to drown that out with feelings of being giving and happy and generous and how nice that feeling can be.

Ah well - I didn't get any pics, since the big pile on the bed pic. Maybe some other day I'll ask them all to wear their stuff and take a group pic. Maybe not.


Sock Princess said...

Don't be sad, the Knit Wits all appreciate you. Have a very happy holiday and try to come knit on New Year Day.

Anonymous said...

You just need to be around the people who do appreciate you!
Carol M.
(mitten maven)

Cat said...

You are right! To be fair, when I went back to work on the 23rd, there were several people who were very kindly appreciative. It was nice. Also, I just got great props from my in-laws on Christmas for the socks I made for them . . .and my own parents are still awaiting their gifts, Friday.

Pics to come.