Sunday, December 03, 2006

First, I must brag about my beautiful TG pie. Dod you see the little leaves and flowers I put around the edge of the crust?

Here is the pile of hats for my staff. I'm up to 9 and #10 is on the needles. I have a few washclothes, too, but I'm afraid I might not have enough "boy" things, so I'm going to work on that now. #10 is a boy hat, I think, and really, now that I'm looking, it's pretty evenly divided. One person on my staff just asked me yesterday if I could make her one of the little mini socks . . . so after this hat I think I'll make some of those as ornaments and offer those to ppl who wouldn't like a hat. What do you all think?

I'm starting to knit according to deadlines. #1 Finish staff stuff first. #2 Finish Christmas stuff for my family, who'll be opening gifts on Dec. 24-25. #3 Finish gifts for my in-laws who we'll visit on New Year's weekend. #4 Finish gifts for other friends who'll have to wait til January. I must resist knitting for myself! OMG - I almost forgot my dad's birthday next weekend. New hat!!!!!! (Mom, keep the secret, please!)


Sock Princess said...

You are one busy knitter. Wish I was that dedicated. Lucky staff. I love the pie. I can almost smell it baking in the oven. Good job.

auntgerry said...

Yes I would like a pink one, No maybe green, oh I know a red one. Oh whatever, can I get a job working with you?????? The pie look really good. So you're bringing one to the Merch?????? I'll bring the forks.

Carol said...

Your cat is so cute (just catching up with some previous posts). Have you searched "squid librarian" on etsy lately?