Friday, January 26, 2007

Here's to Great Women!

Sunday, Jan 21 - Book Group #1
We discussed After This by Alice McDermott. I was not as taken with the writing style as the reviewer. I found it somewhat interesting at first, but then I started thinking "when is the introduction going to end?" I'm glad I read it, though I am also glad I didn't bother to finish it. LOL

Monday, Jan 22, Baby Gift! I finally finished up the baby jumper and hat for Lucia Catherine. Isn't it darling? I can't wait to gift them! Mom went into labor Monday morning (the day I finished the gift - 2 weeks before due date!) She didn't have the baby til Jan 24 . . . 49 freakin' hours of labor, and no DRUGS! She's insane, but she's still a very nice woman.

Tuesday, Jan 23
To be honest, I didn't really see much of the day that was worth photographing. Very busy at work and so on, so this is my workout stuff. I did manage to get to water aerobics, and I'm glad I did.

Wednesday, Jan 24 (the day little Lucia Catherine was born and officially named and all that - BTW she's the daughter of one of my staff and his wife.)
I spent nearly all day working at my desk - writing evaluations and preparing/practicing for the training I did on Thursday, and, as you can see, eating while I did some number crunching.

Thursday, Jan 25
I trained CPI Foundation for the second time. My partner in crime was Debbie (on left). The next 2 ladies were in our class, and the fourth is a friend who works at the building where we had our class and joined us for lunch. We had a great class! All wonderful women at lunch, too. Very lovely time!

Today might be a picture-rich day as I'm going to breakfast with a friend, then going to knitting group, then tonight is Book Group #2.

I also need to get embroiled in another interesting knitting project. I need to re-buy yarn for hubby because I'm not liking the yarn I have, and I could pick up my tank top again and work on that (what, something for moi?). It's also been a while since I've made anything for Simon, so that's rattling around . . . and I want to make a retirement gift for my buddy Jean, but her retirement is not til April 1, so I have time.

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