Friday, January 12, 2007


The weather outside has been gray, grey, gray. Not very cold today, windy sometimes, rainy a lot, and more gray. Blah. I, however, have had some nice days.

Wednesday, 1-10-07, Simon went to Claddagh with me to meet up with the Wed. Night Knitting Group, a.k.a Sharing Needles. We had a very nice time, Simon drawing and me casting off this long narrow scarf for my friend, Martha (she's moving to KY - the state, not the jelly). It's got a picot edge. It's from yarn I got a while ago and wound into balls and I can't for the life of me remember what kind it is. I think it's wool and alpaca blend, worsted weight (maybe DK?), and I knit it long and sideways on size 7 needles. I got bored and did some YOs and stuff to keep myself interested. I wasn't going to block and flatten it, but I think, now, that it will look better that way.

Thursday, 1-11-07 NAKIE!

I did what I usually do on Thursday mornings - I did storytime! Little Amina (age 3) decided that this doll needed to be "nakie" before and during storytime - it was so funny! Me: I don't think he needs to be nakie - it's chilly outside.
A (with great glee): yes! Nakie! Nakie, nakie nakie! (while taking his clothes off him)
Me: Well, he really should wear a shirt in the library, what with all these people around and all.
A: Nakie! He wants to be nakie! (yes, she was nearly shouting)
What I would have liked to say: Why don't we all get nakie for storytime! LOL
What I really said: Well, his shoes and socks are sewn on, so you can't take those off. Sorry!

Friday, 1-12-07 - Met with Carol E for knitterly fun and chattering galore at Bear Rock Cafe - love knitting on the couch near the fire!

I had cast on and begun a Baby Surprise jacket, but the pattern was confusing me and I need a baby sweater in a week, so I need to put off this experiment until I don't have a deadline. I've frogged this green stuff and I'm going to find a simple, quick knit to be ready for next Saturday's baby shower for Jheng. I'll knit this: instead. For some reason I can't make the links html stuff work here on blogger right now , so you have the full link. Not as cool looking, but gets the job done.

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Sock Princess said...

"Nakie" "Nakie" brought back fun memories of Storytime at my library. I loved it, never knowing what those little buggers might say. Do you ever "dress up" for the stories?