Saturday, January 20, 2007

Party Week!


Our administrators brought us lunch! Soup, salad, fruit, veggies, rolls and brownies. etc. Very nice! We earned it back in September when we all participated in the "Steptember" initiative to become more active and healthy. Yay us!


This being Thursday, I did storytime. Here is the stuff I used. Our theme today was eggs. I got to tell 2 of my favorite jokes. First, why do chickens like the library? Because of all the "book book books!" Then, when we talked about all the other kinds of animals that lay eggs, I asked the kids why frogs like the library. Because they like to "read-it read-it read-it"! :-)


Mike and I went out to our favorite place for dinner. Lovely little restaurant called Ba Sho, where we go for sushi. Best we've ever found! Here is Mike's plate of sashimi . . . and Mike, of course.

I cast on the baby sweater at the Merc on Friday, Jan 12. I had been going to make the Baby Surprise Jacket, but I wasn't confident that I understood the pattern's instructions, so I frogged it and started this kimono jacket sweater. Love it! I altered it a bit so I wouldn't have to sew any seams. I did Kitchener stitch across the tops of the shoulders, then picked up stitches for the arms and knit those in the round to the cuffs. It was fun! I'm really looking forward to making a grown-up sweater next.

BEFORE PICTURE: I didn't quite finish the sweater before the shower. I still had to sew on the ties, so I wrapped the sweater and the ribbon and gave that to her. I asked her to open it first, and then while she opened all the other packages, I sewed the ties on.

AFTER PICTURE: with the red ties. Isn't she the cutest pregnant lady? She's a dear, sweet person. I'm so excited that we'll have a baby in our small group! Jheng's mother is going to be arriving in Columbus on Tuesday, from China. She is a knitter, too, so I plan to bring her to the Merc (even though she knows no English, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to communicate). Jheng doesn't knit at all, and her mother knits, crochets and quilts, so I'm going to do my best to spend some time with her!

Jheng also got 2 baby blankets, both crocheted, from other women in our group, as well as lots of store-bought loot. It was a lovely shower!

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