Monday, January 29, 2007

WIPs and Bad Hair!

Saturday, Jan 27, was Bad Hair Day at our house. Of course, we have a lot of them, so if you've not yet sent a card, don't feel bad.
I was going to post a pic of my FIL on Christmas morning to show how this phenomenon spans 3 generations, but I promised him I wouldn't (and he threatened to take me out of the will if I did, actually). :-)

Sunday, Jan 28:
A lovely Sunday. I decided to spend as much of the whole day as possible with my son. Morning was lounging on the couch knitting new leg warmers - a more sedate pair for me to have at work when I have to go to big-wig meetings, etc. We took frequent breaks for snuggling.

Took hubby to the yarn shop for a quick trip - had to get him to pick out new yarn for his sweater. It's my first-ever grown-up-sized sweater and the whole thin-yarn-make-cables-everything-perfect thing was making me insanely afraid of even starting the darn thing. The yarn I got him for Christmas was so thin I would have had to use size 4 needles or smaller, and it was kind of freaking me out. We got new chunky yarn and I was even able to cast on and do some of the bottom ribbing last night. Thanks to Knittingbrow for being at the store, wearing his excellent yolked sweater, and giving us Manly Advice on our purchase and my cast on. Smoochies, KB!

But the most fun thing was taking Simon to family swim time at McConnell Heart Health Center where I work out. He resisted the photo of his wet-headed self, but I resorted to begging and it worked. Also, later last night he lost a tooth! He's growing quickly!

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