Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comiqs - Thing #18

I've made my first online comic strip!

Simon's New Sweater from Caterwauller on Comiqs

It was fun and easy, too! I wish I had more photos of people in my Flickr account to fool around with . I'll have to work on that! I think this is an app that my son will get a kick out of.


Cheryl said...

Neato! I am going to have to go play now, thank you very much. UAE filter the internet here (which generally doesn't affect me:) and bans certain sites like Flickr! Fortunately though, even though I can't see flickr pics online still, I can at least use them to upload and play around with! :) Thanks for the share, Cheryl

Cat said...

OOh - you're not in freedom anymore, huh? What other things are not allowed?