Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wiki wiki bo biki- Think #15

Boy, I'm definitely going to fall behind in the L&P thing. First was The Great Blackout of Ought Eight, and now is The Paperwork Pileup, made worse by the fact that my MODEM at home is BUSTED! I never really realized how much I take care of online work while at home until this week. It's very hard to keep up with everything at work in just 8 hour days . . . and then I was sick on Monday and Tuesday . . . and my finger tips hurt . . . and the dog ate it.

Ok - enough whining.

I took this "learn about wikis" thing as an opportunity to finally look into the ALA Ready to Read Wiki. I have to admit that I'm completely underwhelmed. Of course, the most recent posts seem to be from 2007, and many of the categories, etc, seem to have just one or two posts on them. I didn't find it impressive or useful at all, which leads me to my main point for this post.

MAIN POINT>>>> A WIKI is only as useful as the group that uses/writes it.

So, creating a Wiki is cool. Writing and contributing to a wiki is cool. However, just like the more antiquated "discussion boards", if the community that is using the wiki is boring, so will the wiki be. I'm still looking for library wikis that honestly look useful and cool, so if you have something specific to recommend or explain to me, have at it!

Hopefully my home connection will be healed tomorrow (laying on of hands should occur between 4 and 6 tomorrow afternoon, so look for the lightning). Maybe when I have my house back in order I'll be less cranky.

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