Sunday, October 05, 2008

FO, growing boy and Long Overdue

FO = Finished Object (knitterly terminology) Here you go - Simon's sweater! This is the Ravelympics event I tried to compete in. I did a lot of knitting during the Olympics, but still didn't finish. It is now done, and Si loves it. I purposefully made it too long so he has room to grow.

Yes, he is a growing boy! Sometimes I wonder if we could actually see him growing if we sat him on the couch and used time-lapse photography for a week. LOL Here he is in my dad's old fatigue jacket and hat. Dad was part of the Korean Conflict. He doesn't talk about it much, but his old fatigues all ended up in our "costume box" and Si has taken bits recently to use for actual clothing.

What would you call a group of 3 Librarians who are performing music together in public? We tried out a lot of names, and in desperation settled for Book Notes for this gig at the Clintonville Farmer's Market yesterday. While we were playing, Jami's hubby and our friend Joe came up with "Long Overdue", which we all like better than anything else we've thought of, so for now that's our new name. We have no other gigs booked, but boy, did we have fun!

Mike took the pics, of course.


Mary Lee said...

Oops! I accidentally looked for you at the WORTHINGTON market yesterday. Obviously, you weren't there. I'll have to make it down to Clintonville next week!

trixie said...

Nice job on that sweater, Cat. The arms aren't too long after all, are they???