Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

1. Reading with 3 little boys today, they all crowded close so we could talk about the Spiderman Villains together. I am thankful that my own (not so) little boy educated me well on this topic!

2. A young girl came in tonight and said "I read those books you left for me last week. They were fun. Do you have any more?" Do I have more? Seriously?

3. Finding a new song on the radio that touches me so deeply that I think "I have to learn that song right now."

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Cheryl said...

those are all pretty great and having moments like #2 are really what makes my librarian heart sing! I remember at New Albany there was a middler schooler who I recommended lots of books too. She was hungry for them and I loved when we got to the point where she was recommending them to me too! :)