Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

I came across this article today with 10 tips for staying happy at work. All good advice! In honor of this list, I'm doing all 3 BT's about work today (I know, yesterday had 2 of them about work - weird, huh?).

1. My office window is now decorated with huge retro flowers in bright purple, pink and lime green!

2. I went to help the Ready to Read Corps at the Free Store today, and Abby was so good at working the crowd. It made me feel so good and proud and strong, knowing that CML is doing great things with amazing people in those jobs.

3. A toddler was having a crying fit when I went out to the public area this afternoon, and when he saw me he paused and gave a half smile. He was obviously too tired to stay calm, but I think he's getting to know me a little, and it made me feel good that he stopped long enough to let me read him a quick book.

Bonus BT: planning a little surprise that is going to make my son's eyes sparkle tomorrow. :-)

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