Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WIPs . . . and cats

Sometimes the best thing to do when you're feeling sick is start a new project! I didn't feel like commiting to anything larger, so I did a little talisman bag for my friend for her birthday present . . . but I've already given it to her (with a silver dollar inside) so there are no piccies. I'll be making more, though. Using almost exactly half the stitches as you need in the round for a sock, the patterned yarn comes out really cool looking! Then I finished it off with a little glass bead fastener and a few dangling beads off the bottom, and strung it on some artificial leather lacing. Nice!

I also did this hat over the weekend. DH is modeling it. I plan to give it to the Dulaan Project that my friend
Knitting Brow is working on. It's such a great idea to use up the stash this way! I love the way the yarns worked together, so I think I'll try a few different patterns using the rest of those yarns together. I do need to be patient and make the body of the hat longer.

Next on the needles is this whimsical little scarfy thing. I have a friend who's been admiring my red boa scarf from my MIL (that's you, Jennie!) and I saw this feathery red and black stuff on sale . . . and I can't resist a sale! The only thing better than getting cool yarn on sale is if they'd have some free glasses or steak knives in the bargain! This is supposed to be my "don't have to concentrate" project, but turns out the stuff is tricky to see/knit with, so I have to concentrate, drat it all.

My good/fun/challenging project are these toe-up socks. I'd started this sock yarn in a cuff-down patterm just like the other socks I've knit, but then I frogged it and made myself learn to cast on for toe-up. The second toe looks much better than the first. They will not be perfect matches, though. one is starting with the blue spotty part, and the other was started at the gray spotty part. Hopefully (if the plan goes well) they'll look like cool partners, though.

Here are just a few piccies of our adorable kitties.

Rosie is stretched out on top of the computer, and the sluggard in my computer chair is Samwise. The little darlings. If only they could learn to relax.

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