Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, after taking some time away from my sock with the afterthought heel, I'm thinking that maybe it's ok. Opinions? I was thinking it looked a little whonky . . . but now that I've been away from it for a while, maybe it doesn't look so bad. That, and I seem to have an epileptic reaction to frogging. :-p

This is the baby blanket I've started. It's two strands of the blue stuff. Frankly, there was a sale at JoAnn's and I liked the feel of it and I couldn't resist. Don't know what I'll do with it when I'm done . . . but it will most likely go to the same friend who is getting the baby sweater, hat and booties that I knit a month or two ago. I don't know anyone else, really, who has/is having a baby boy . . .

That's all I have on the needles at this point. My son is clamoring for another pair of socks, but it's nearly summer and he'll be a whole different size by the time he is wearing socks again, knowing him.

I did make a Little Surprise for Slang, and hope to get it in the mail today. ;-)

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