Friday, May 25, 2007


Just a quick post to tell you I'm posting my knitting project pics at Flickr.


sock princess said...

Thanks for the puppet suggestions. I think I'll try the sock thing, sounds like fun. I knew the librarian would know what to do. School for the Blind suggested puppets so of course Grams is jumping in head first. I'll show you my finished projects. Thanks again.

Cat said...

I also suggest the great book, Muppets Make Puppets for ideas on decorating and designing them. Good luck!

sock princess said...

I'll get started on the puppets right away. Checking on the book right now. Your next assignment is to suggest books for him. They're reading to him now, but soon he'll want to look at pictures. You're my guide on this. Thanks so much for helping. Michael and I both thank you.