Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Preemie Hats

Gerry asked for patterns, so I emailed here the following, which I then thought some others might like. She is working at the Ronald McDonald house, helping people who stay there who have kids in Children's Hospital, and had requested some hats.

These are so fun and easy! I'm using worsted weight, generally, on size 8 needles. That JellyBeanz yarn is great, very soft, and cheap at only $4 a skein at the Merc. For the smallest ones I cast on 40 stitches, although I don't think you have one of those yet. Those would be for about a 4 lb preemie, which is often the size they come home. Well, that's how big Simon was when we brought him home. The thing is, when you're making donations, you can play with the sizes because SOMEone will eventually be able to use them, right? So - the largest one I gave to you had, I think, 52 or 56 stitches cast on. For the roll brim you just knit and knit and knit around for about 4 inches. Then divide your total number of stitches into 4 and start your decreases. I do raglan decreases like in the Half Dome Hat . I like the way they look, and the way they hug the head. I decrease to about 4/5 stitches, then do an Icord until it's long enough to go around my finger. Then I bind off and tie the Icord into that little top knot.

For the ones with the fold up cuff, you just do k1p1 ribbing or k2p2 ribbing for an inch or so first, and then follow the rest for knitting and decreasing.

I like doing them. I made so many hats for Xmas last year, this is nearly mindless knitting, and it is just the thing my soul needs as I watch my own preemie turn into a teenager. It's also good for when work is stressful because it's great for that short attention span. If I want something just a smidge more complicated I put in a stripe. LOL Maybe I'll try a ruffle or something on the next pink one.

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