Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Friday was my husband's birthday. We drove up to Lake Erie - Port Clinton, Ohio - and met up with my parents. Friday evening we went out to the lakeshore to watch for boats and see the sunset. Here are my dad and Simon. This is an echo from a picture we took about 10 years ago of them doing the same thing - I'll post that soon.

Here is Si, telling Pop-pop about Boy Scouts or something. It's great to see them talking like this. I find it very comforting and cozy.

Here are my mom and hubby, both watching things on the lake. I just thought it was funny, them facing different directions.

Here is the sunset. You can even see the lovely nuclear power plant there. Aaah - how romantic. It made me feel like we were the Simpsons.

And here is the first pic of Saturday - a Baltimore Oriole feeding on an orange. Beautiful. We saw over 100 species of birds Saturday!

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