Monday, May 21, 2007

More Birding pics and a Meme

First the meme - please post your answers to these questions either in my comments, or on your own blog, and then let me know you've posted!

4 Things to know about me: I love puppets, I love to tell and listen to stories, being around people cheers me up, I'm generally a positive/happy person even in the midst of trials

4 things that may surprise you: I sometimes lose sleep at night worrying, I have never bitten my nails, I sometimes like to be alone, I used to be even more talkative than I am now

4 jobs I have had: Librarian, puppeteer, seamstress, music teacher

4 places I've lived: Columbus . . . Boardman, Ohio . . . Grove City, PA during college (only 2 for me)

4 favorite foods: sushi, cheese, dark chocolate with nuts, high quality ice cream

4 favorite TV shows: The Muppet Show, Ned's Declassified, Wild Thorneberrys, The Simpsons

4 places I'd rather be right now: on a beach, camping in the mountains, with friends at a coffee shop knitting, sleeping

4 people who will post answers: Yarmando, Aunt Gerry, Mom, CychoLibrarian and maybe Sock Princess (yes, I know that is 5)

Now for a few pics . . . here you see my Mom, Mike, Dave (if you look closely you can see him kneeling behind my mom) and another birder, all trying to identify a warbler. Warblers are all small birds, smaller than my fist, all about the same shape. They're tricky to ID because they're all the same silhouette. I was not up to the task, but I did enjoy seeing and hearing them.
This is a cool shot of the fallen trees. I like the rugged, un-touchedness of this.
Here is a cool log - rotted out and growing new plants. My mom called it "nature's planter" and her pic of it was better than mine, but I figure I'll be humble and show you mine. Sigh.
This is a little barn swallow posing for me. I was close enough to touch him, but he was being very indignant.
This is why - he was protecting his nest. You can see the tail feather sticking out if you look closely. This is right at the entrance to the visitor's center. Very cool. Did I mention we saw over 100 species on Saturday? Well . . . Mike saw them. I wrote them down, and I saw some of them . . . but not all.


Slang said...

My answers are posted :-)'s nice to know there are other adults out there who love the Muppet Show. I thought I was the only one!

Sock Princess said...

Hey puppet lover-we're trying to find fun puppets for baby Michael. Haven't had much luck, any suggestions? I also love puppets, you can say anything you want and people have to blame the puppet.

Cat said...

What's not to love about the Muppet Show?!?!?

SockPrincess, I've responded to you on your blog. Seems I can't find an email for you! Odd!

Little kids love puppets because they're talking "beings" that are smaller than them. Of course, sometimes it's just because it makes the grownups act weird. LOL