Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, I'm not sure why blogger changed my picture settings, but this post is going to have all the pics centered. LOL. These are preemie hats for donation. I don't seem to have the attention span for anything more complicated right now, as work is very busy. I went home to Boardman this weekend, just me! My brother (Bless him) fixed my AC on my car and checked the rest of it out to ensure that the recent repairs we've had done were all right. My parents had a concert I attended Friday night - witness their formal wear! Arent' they a great looking couple? Guess how old they are - go on, I dare you!
This is an old Arby's sign (obviously) that I liked the look of. Just something on the road between my folks' house and where I met up with my friend Laura for breakfast Saturday. Saturday afternoon my mom and I went to the Fellow's Rose Garden which is part of the Mill Creek Park - the metro park in Youngstown. It was much prettier than my pictures convey. I like this candid of Mom because it shows her nice smile. Here are some of the pretty tulips in the park. Thanks for reading!

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auntgerry said...

The baby hats are sooo sweet. I gave one away tonight to a family that is going home tomorrow with their 4 month old who is now 8 lbs. I gave them the blue one that was the largest. I want to know how you did these so I can do some too.