Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's System-wide Post on your Blog Day!

I mean . . . it's a SNOW DAY! WOOHOO!

(Si put a can of Coke into the snow pile to get cold, and marked the spot with an arrow . . . while shoveling)

We are home for the day, so like all my colleagues who blog (CWB), I'm going to post! One of my twitterbuds linked me to this great blog, and I just had to laugh - and it got me thinking that maybe my loyal readership would be interested in hearing about our day here!

First, I woke up at around 4 am. Yes, you read that right! Very early, I know, but Samwise (see his pic to the left) decided that either I should get up, or he should lay on my face, kneading my cheek, drooling into my ear and purring. Lovely. I love you, too, Luxury Cat.

Of course, if you know me you'll know that once I'm awake enough to be snarky, I'm awake. Darn you, over-active brain cells!

Neilson just called me! In the middle of posting - seriously! They wanted to know what I know and think about movies currently in the theaters. HA! He actually started laughing when he was talking/asking about Hannah Montana, the Movie - how great is that?
OK - back to my regular post . . . where was I?

Oh, so this morning, I got up and went right online on my laptop, snuggling on the couch. The cats were annoyed because they don't like the computer in my lap when one of them could be getting warm there! Tough!

For 2 hours I kept checking the closings site, seeing if we were listed. No dice. Then I see a TWEET from a coworker, and voila! SNOW DAY!

Here is a list of all the stuff we've done today so far:
  1. laid around on the couch
  2. taken a nap (just me)
  3. drawn pictures of soldiers (just Si)
  4. gone to work (poor DH!)
  5. not gone to work or school (Si and I)
  6. made homemade brownies - dark choco with choco chips (Si and I) - totally yummers!
  7. panicked at not having ground meat for chili (me)
  8. made chili with chicken instead (again, just me)
  9. talked to the Nielsen dude (me), saying yes, I'll probably see that, and no, I definitely won't see that
  10. shoveled the driveway (Si)
  11. dug through the closet for a pair of gloves for Si (me)
  12. knit! (me)
  13. goofed around with blogs and crap online (me)
  14. watched Iron Man (my first time - it really is as good as Si has been saying!)
  15. snuggled with cats (Si and I)
Yea, we've had a very productive day!

Come back later for a knitting update. I just realized I've updated ravelry, but not here. Also, I'm reading a great Ready to Read related book, but I'll tell you about that when I'm done!


Mary Lee said...

I'm glad to hear that it's not just the teachers who get these occasional HAPPY days!!!!

Kalleh said...

Ah, heck, we nurses don't get them. We're jealous!

I remember once I got my husband up at 4 a.m. because we were having a huge storm (I couldn't sleep all night, worried about getting to work), and I had to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. It took us about that 3 hours to drive there, and we made it, but not without a few problems. It was not only snowing, but it was freezing cold. When my husband reached up to adjust the rear-view mirror, it broke off! Have you ever heard of that?!!! He had to hold it up with his hand every time he wanted to check the traffic. When he dropped me off at work, I ran in and brought out some adhesive tape for the mirror, but it didn't work. Oy vey, what a day that was! We both took public transportation home and left our car downtown in a parking lot all weekend. The kicker was that my husband had forgotten to lock the car, and someone obviously had used it to warm up. There was an old newspaper and a used cup of coffee in the back. At least they didn't steal the car!

No...I've never had snow days. How nice they must be!

Cheryl said...

Happy Snow Day! Yay! Sounds like you had a fun day :)