Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update from Narcotic Haze

Hello dear friends! Firstly, thank you all for your well wishes, your offers of help and your compassion. I'll be honest - it hurts like a sonnofabitch. I've added some ibuprofen to my Percoset ritual, though, and that should help. Narcotics always make me weepy/chatty/sleepy in varying degrees, so you never know what you'll get when you talk to me at the moment. One good thing is that I hate the mind-altering drugs so much that I will NEVER get addicted.

At this very moment I'm feeling chatty (remember those Chatty Cathy dolls?), and I thought I'd take it all out on you guys since the boys are out of the house.

OK - so right now I'm just laying around in my recliner, listening to the landline ring (because I can't get up w/out serious help and yelling and stuff). If you want to call me, you'll have to get my cell number. Feel free to share it amongst yourselves.

I'm also trying to control the cat (Sam) who really wants to sit on my lap, but who also has a tendancy to walk on my legs, which would hurt bad. Oh, and did I mention that he weighs, like 20 lb? Right now he's fine, and I"m using a strategically place stuffed animal (thanks, Simon!) to keep him off the bad bits. I think he seriously resents the laptop.

Oh - and I'm watching figure skating! Which I never really get to do when the guys around because they find it "mind-numbingly dull". :-) Mostly I love the music, but I do watch it, too.

I"m doing OK, though, and I promise I'll call for help if/when I need things. You are all so wonderful! (OK, weepy again - dang these drugs!)

Oh, and I've learned that a little lace project is just the thing for getting your mind off the pain in the middle of the night.


Bob Hale said...

I only just read about your accident cat. Sorry to hear about it. Hope you recover quickly.

Mary Lee said...

So I guess the trampoline-you is ENTIRELY theoretical right now...

...but seriously, YEOW! Get better fast! And I'll heed your warning to walk gingerly on the ice!

Cat said...

LOL -yes - trampoline me is a fantasy. You made me laugh - thanks!

Taking the time to read Graveyard Book, though. I love Gaiman's writing!

Tadman said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Suzie and I wish we could help, in addition to our prayers...

Just take it easy, and get well soon.

auntgerry said...

So sorry about your fall. Get lots of knitting done while you are out of work. If the drugs are really good it will be nice to stay home and knit.

katie said...

Well, you certainly sound as though your spirits are up, Cathy. Good job!

Hooray for hubby with the wi-fi-foresight! ;)

Wishing you a speedy recovery.