Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday night

Just realized I forgot all about Poetry Friday - maybe this week I'll do Poetry Monday, unless I forget about it again tomorrow!

What I've accomplished today:
  • got myself to the potty w/o assistance several times
  • talked to several folks on the phone, and online
  • figured out how to get myself situated in my recliner w/o assistance
  • stopped taking the narcotic this evening and just taking Ibuprofen (might take one more narc for the nighttime sleepies)
  • knit a little (2 diff. scarves, one boring, one lace), read a little (The Graveyard Book), fooled around online a lot (blogs, twitter, facebook)
  • visit from my BFF - she brought Chinese carry-out! Yum!
  • watched most of the super bowl
All is well in my little queendom, a.k.a. the recliner.

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