Sunday, February 22, 2009

Accomplishments of the day

I feel like every day I could give props to my dear husband, Mike. He's been so wonderful. Today he did a month's worth of laundry - toting it all around the house, folding it, putting it away and everything. What a blessing he is to me!

I managed to sleep nearly all morning . . . and as a result have been a little off my schedule all day, but still good. I woke up with a cold, too, which sucks.

I haven't taken any narcotics since last night, and only took one dose of regular Tylenol at lunch time. not bad! I also did my PT exercises (well, most of them), including going further with the walker than before, doing some of the scissor leg things on the couch, etc. yay me!

My sweet sister, Linda, will be with me most of tomorrow. I hope to get the guest bed cleaned off, and the room cleared out enough to navigate it with my walker, so that I can sleep in the bed tomorrow! Wahoo! Si helped move some junk around, to the basement, etc, tonight, so we've started. I also hope to re-org my recliner ecosystem because it's getting pretty cluttered.

Ah well, it's fun watching the Oscars as the night winds down, but I think I'll sign off, kick back my recliner, and nod off.

Thanks for reading!

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Beth said...

Recliner ecosystem?!! That's hilarious. Glad to hear you are getting around a little. Keep up the good work.