Saturday, February 28, 2009


It occurred to me that it has been a few days since I gave you all, my loyal readers, an update. I have a cat taking up most of my lap, so this is difficult to type, so I'll make it quick.

  • I'm taking almost no pain meds now, just some occassional tylenol.
  • I'm moving with the walker, a little more each day.
  • I have a shower bench and hand-held shower now, so I can finally shower again!
  • My incisions are looking good and healing well.
  • Bu-ying came over for a bit today, helped with some kitchen work, and helped me get a puzzle started, which is really fun!
  • Mike (DH) was diagnosed with pneumonia Thursday, but is healing now, as he coughs and coughs.
  • Simon is still being greatly helpful!

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