Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist came out today.

She had a lot of paperwork/computer data entry to do since it was my first visit, but the time went really well.

She showed me how to take off the knee immobilizer and adjust all the wrappings, which is great. Knee braces and stuff tend to slip down the leg every time you move or stand or anything, so it felt great to get it all adjusted and to know that I can do it again anytime (with help).

We also went through the basics of what I have to do to get up and go to the bathroom, and then get back into my chair. Then she gave me some exercises to help build my leg muscles, my upper body muscles and so forth. Just a few things that don't require me standing but will still prepare me to be able to move around better.

She was extremely encouraging and positive, not to mention helpful. I even learned how to scoot from my recliner to my wheelchair without standing! I doubt I'll need to use it much, because it involves removing one of the wheelchair arms, and it is frankly just easier to stand on one leg and pivot, but it is still cool.

I will probably get about 2 visits a week from a PT, sometimes less if there's no more to learn before getting more freedom from the surgeon. As we move along, getting more freedoms will allow me to do more, of course . . . and the PTs will adjust what they ask of me as those other parameters change.

I'm tired tonight, but I'm feeling pretty good about things, and I'm feeling very blessed. Thank you all for keeping in touch, and for your support, encouragement and prayers.

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Denver Physical Therapy said...

I was wondering if I could ask you a question?

As a physical therapist myself, I often feel bad about all the paperwork we have to get you to do on the first visit.

Did you feel it was excessive?