Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over the Hump, but not really

I went to the "new" orthopedic surgeon yesterday. He was appalled that it's been 11 days since my fall and I was just getting to see him (it's not my fault!). He suggested I come straight to Riverside and be admitted so they can monitor my heart/lungs for a day to make sure my other health issues aren't aggravated by the surgery. I'm set to have surgery tomorrow morning (Thursday) 8 am (although that is subject to change). They're going to have to put in some screws, possibly a metal plate, some synthetic bone grafting material, etc. It is more complicated that it would have been a week ago, but it's all necessary. I'll be going home, probably, Fri or Sat, I hope. I'll need 8-12 weeks recovery time. (gack!)

So - that's what is going on with me. Not pretty, but on the upside, I was able to take an actual shower today! Also, the hospital has wifi! Props to Riverside!

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