Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Night

Well, tomorrow morning I'll go see the orthopedic surgeon. I'm anxious to hear what he says! I don't even know what to hope for, though. NO telling if it would be better to have surgery or not. I'm praying that he just has a very clear mind and is a very good, ethical, thoughtful doctor so that he makes a good recommendation.

What I did today (not in particular order):
  • took several naps
  • ate delicious soup brought by my friend, Bu-ying yesterday
  • had yummy red grapes - sweet!
  • took a sponge bath and washed hair (my husband is a saint)
  • watched a few sappy movies
  • watched a few silly movies with Simon
  • commanded Si through his morning routine so Mike could sleep in, but somehow we managed to make so much noise that Mike woke up anyway - naughty us
  • talked on the phone to workers' comp people and several times to Mike who was test-driving a mini van that looks like a good deal
  • knit a little
  • acted as matress to Luxury Cat (see point #1, because when we nap, we nap together)
  • played online Canasta with my seestor
Boy, my life is so freakin' exciting, huh?

Oh, although I didn't really take any of the pain meds yesterday, I'm back on them today. It is better to be able to relax and heal than to tough it out and be grouchy and miserable. (paraphrasing both Mike and our heart surgeon from a few years ago). No point in being "brave" if it makes everyone around you feel like S%$T.

Be careful on the ice!


Kelly Syferd said...

Good luck at your appointment, Cathy! I hope all goes well and you get good news.

read2akid said...

Sending positive thoughts out for you! Hope the doc has good news for you.