Sunday, February 15, 2009

Creative Post Title

I was going to try to write a limerick, but the pain meds have taken over and my rhyming facilities have diminished, so you're going to just have to settle for a quick list update.

  • The pain seems worser today than yesterday. Taking more meds, slowing down my mobility rehab, and sleeping more.
  • I'm turning down visits from just about everyone today because I think I need the rest. Also the narcotics make me really uncontrollably weepy, and it's ridiculous to try to carry on a conversation under these conditions.
  • I finished my simple knitting project and I don't feel like starting something new at the moment. (How is THAT for an indicator of where I am at the moment?)
  • I know this will improve, but at the moment I just feel sucky.
  • Whoever invented the ice-water-circulation-knee-brace-thingamajiggy should be given the Nobel Prize.
  • Real pudding and real jell-o and real popsicles (with sugar!) are totally delicious, and I believe that they will actually help my boo-boos heal faster.
That's all for now - it's naptime again.


yarmando said...

Was just thinking, "Dang, you should have gone to visit Cat in the hospital today." Let me know when you need some company.

Jim Brochowski said...

Also thought of visiting today. Sorry we didn't, but glad that it worked out as it were.

I do hope you begin to feel better soon.

Kalleh said...

Cat, I am hoping you'll feel better tomorrow. I am sorry you're feeling so punk. We're all thinking about you!

tadman said...

Yep, hang in there, sis!

Anonymous said...

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