Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 beautiful things

1. Mom and Dad sent an edible arrangement for us - yum! Samwise loved this piece of cantaloupe - the only bit he got to before he was unceremoniously pushed away. We did let him continue with that piece, though, on the floor. We're suckers that way.

2. Being able to sleep on a bed again, even if I need a little more pain med to handle it. The cats join me, too, sleeping with me. It's the warmest my feet have been in a month.

3. This lovely, artful video in my email from Mom:

1 comment:

Jim Brochowski said...

Glad to see 3BT's. I've been following along, just really busy playing catchup on some projects.

The X-ray pics were "uber-cool," as my teenager would say.

Glad you are feeling better, and staying positive. Cool that you're staying mobile, using a real bed, and having warm feet.

Love the Smarty Pants video. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Keep on taking care of yourself. A little more pain med is never a bad thing if it helps you rest.