Sunday, February 08, 2009

Comics Crack Me Up!

I laughed very loudly when I saw today's Foxtrot. I don't know how to embed the image in a readable format, but you can, I think, see it here. I've had a great admiration and fascination with Fibonacci for a while. I've even tried writing some fibonacci poetry. :-)
And, speaking of poetry, I also enjoyed Sally Forth today. What kind of poems will you share with your loved ones? Free verse? Iambic Pentameter? Fibonacci Poems? Limericks? Double Dactyls? Haiku? Do share!

Sunday update:
  • The pain seems to be under control, and I'm gaining a little bit of mobility (which really just means that I'm not completely glued to my recliner all the time anymore - still can't do stairs at all)
  • Ran out of yarn for my mini-Clapotis, and sending DH to LYS today for more (if he's ammenable)
  • I'm enjoying sleeping with the cat on top of me every night - he loves having Mama downstairs in the recliner, too, I think . . . and immobile
  • discovered (thanks to MM), a sort of online music social network - I'll try it out and see if I like it or not, but for now:

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