Friday, January 02, 2009

Xmas Memories, vol 1

We started our official season a few weeks before Xmas when my sister and our friend Vicky came over for G-bread house decorating. This is Simon's. It's not just a house, it is a Viking Mead Hall . . .

complete with gumdrop Vikings. He had names for them all and regaled the younger boys (Vicky's kids) with tales of King Ragnar, Ivar, Goorton and Eric.

Our First Christmas was with my in-laws. They are really terrific people, and we love to visit with them. They were very generous with gifts, too! Simon is the only grandchild . . . in both of our families . . . so it's always a big deal to unwrap it all.

We take turns, one person at a time opens one gift at a time. We all agree that it's just as fun watching others open what you've gotten them as it is to open your own stuff.

Beau, one of their cats, was enjoying some sun in the afternoon . . . sharing the table with our Christmas Feast.

Simon and I had some fun outdoors trying to make his new RC Dragonfly stay in the air for more than 2 seconds (crash!)

We had a great time in Marietta. Check back later this weekend for more Xmas stuff . . . and at some point I'll have the whole load of pics on Facebook.

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