Friday, January 09, 2009

Poetry Friday!

I was going to write about snow . . . but then decided I needed to compose something extemporaneously . . . with apologies to Robert Frost

Whose mess this is I think I know
His room is down the hallway, though.
He will not see me stopping here
To bend and lift, the trash to throw.

My lazy cat must think I'm queer
To pick up toys and jump with fear
At seeing bits of curdled milk.
A sniff will tell me, yogurt's near.

My son's a slob, the mess is deep,
but I have dusting, things to sweep,
And vacuuming before I sleep
And vacuuming before I sleep.

(oooh - you should see the glare my DS just gave me!)


Jim Brochowski said...

Laughing out Loud for real.

Great that you added the note about Si's look at the end. It really added emphasis.

You certainly are talented.

Very nice poem!

Cat said...

Why, thanks! Glad it made you laugh!

Julie said...

Hmmm. While Becky was home from college for break, she earned bucks by tidying the downstairs. I think she would have substituted "Mom" or "Family" for "son" in the poem!

I liked the last two lines. I can see you with the vacuum....