Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The End

Finally, we've come to the end of another election season. It's been grueling! Watching network television has been painful for months. Listening to campaign speeches and watching the debates has been trying, although I've done it. Will Obama bring change? Most definitely. Will those changes be good for America? Some will, I'm sure. Some will harm the country, also, I have no doubt. It is the nature of politics. This Great Democracy that we have has it's drawbacks. IMHO the biggest drawback is that, as soon as they get elected, they start campaigning (one way or another) for re-election. Sigh. That is why I must agree with what I heard Thomas Friedman say a few months ago (paraphrasing): 4 years is not enough time to fix what is broken in our country.

So - am I happy today? Yes and no. Since I am an optimist, I will finish this Election Post with 2 happy thoughts:
1. It is extraordinarily uplifting to see an African-American family moving into the White House, and I do think these next 4 years have great potential for moving us in a good direction in some things.
2. McCain gave a very noble, very powerful speech of concession. Again paraphrasing, I love when he said that we need to all move forward together as a united America.

'Nuff said

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