Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair today Gone tomorrow

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow. Significantly cut! I've been brewing about it for a couple of years, and it's time!

I've done a bit of reasearch, and it's a tie between this and this. Of course, mine will be much more gray than the models. I should have thought to put a poll on the sidebar, but now it's too late cuz my appointment is in . . . 10 hours. I'll post before and after pictures tomorrow!

(Don't worry, Mom, I won't go purple (again) tomorrow)


yarmando said...

The first one looks easier to take care of.

Kristen said...

i agree with don -- the first one looks a lot more like something you could style easily daily -- it's super cute!! good luck! don't forget to post the before and after pics :)