Friday, November 07, 2008

Poetry Friday

I share with you a bit from a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks called Aloneness:

Aloneness is different from loneliness
Loneliness means you want somebody
Loneliness means you have not planned to be somewhere with other people gone
Loneliness never has a bright color.
Perhaps it is gray.
Loneliness does not have a lovely sound.
It has an under buzz.
Or it does not have a sound.
When it does not have a sound
I like it least of all.
But aloneness is delicious.
Sometimes aloneness is delicious.
Once in a while aloneness is delicious.
Almost like a read small apple that is cold.
An apple that is small and sweet and round and col.d
And just for you.

There is more of this poem in the book Hip Hop Speaks to Children - my new favorite poetry book. It comes with a CD, which is delightfully colorful, rich in the sounds of the original poets (including Langston Hughes) reading their work.


Cheryl said...

I like this Poetry Friday thing you've got going. It's a nice change up from whatever I might be doing. A pause. Thanks! xx

jamilibrarian said...

Nice poem! Hey, I'm finally on the L&P bandwagon. Just a few months late...but I'm afraid of spending hours and hours reading everyone's blogs. Especially if there are poems and pictures of knitting!

Ah, for some delicious alone time...

Cat said...

Jami - don't read through all the blogs. Find a few that are interesting to you and stick to those. Any that you add to your blog reader, just mark them all as read to start you off. Trying to catch up on them all is too daunting for any of us!

Anonymous said...

I really liked that poem Cat!

(the blogless knitter)

Amanda said...

I love Gwendolyn Brooks...I discovered her when we had to do a report on a poet in high school and I asked my teacher to help me pick out a poet with sad poems!!! I was a strange teen :) I don't think that is true of all her poems though. I remember I typed the report on a typewriter!!! Times sure have changed :)