Sunday, November 23, 2008

When I Grow Up . . . .

Many years ago, I was temporarily "in charge" of the place where I worked at the time, and someone on the work team said I was powerful and it was going to go to my head. I said "Yes, I am She-Ra, Princess of Power!" It sort of stuck a little, and I still refer to myself as She-Ra as needed.

Well, I was talking to a dear friend last week when I was giving myself a pep talk to finally go back and re-join Weight Watchers. I was calling it WW to save typing time, and he said -

"Don't think about it as a diet - consider it Wonder Woman Training."
It is working! It has cheered me up to think of this, and to have this image in my head all week. Well, now I have my own Wonder Woman Bobble-head doll to remind me that I am doing something powerful! He must have ordered it while we were chatting, because it arrived a short 7 days later. Thanks, my friend!!

Even superheroes like She-Ra can use some cross-training sometimes, right?

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Beth said...

Love this thought! I am going to carry this with me as we change our habits. My husband received some eye-opening results to some tests and has been feeling down. Your post might help me to lift his spirit. Thank you for sharing!