Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Library 2.0

Well, I have come to another end, also. This is my last official post for the Learn and Play at CML project we've been doing for a few months. You've seen me posting my 23 things, and I appreciate my non-L readers sticking with me! I also warmly welcome all the new readers who may have joined from CML and might, if they're interested, and might keep reading. Welcome! In order to limit my verbosity, I'm going to do a list (also, just because I love lists).

Top Things about L&P at CML

  1. Being able to explore Web2.0. It's given me the incentive to really look into some tools that I'd not used before, and to go deeper into things I've only sampled before.
  2. Encouraging my team to explore - use their backroom time to do some fun things.
  3. Seeing people finding great new tools.
  4. Nifty new flash drive I'll get.
  5. Thinking about ways we can use this technology to reach and serve our customers.

Final Thoughts:
  1. We need to keep moving forward - don't stop here with just 23 things, but keep exploring and stay on the cutting edge. It's not enough to just do this.
  2. When we think about using these tools, we need to remember they are tools, not the end-all and be-all of service. A really good chef's knife can do a lot, but real chefs have a variety of knives they take care of and use. We need to be the same way - the right tool for the project is important.
  3. The cool gadgets aren't the whole answer to the most important question: What do our customers need and want? The first answer always has to be: excellent customer service. The next question, then, needs to be: How can these tools help us give excellent customer service?
  4. How can we continue to find ways to help bridge the digital divides in our community? What do the people in poverty need to know of this stuff? How can we help them access what "the haves" have?
  5. How can we use this technology to promote early literacy (you know that's always in the forefront of my mind!)?
Thank you all for reading!

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Beth said...

Yes! I, too, hope that L&P does not stop with the 23 things. We will be exploring ways to incorporate some of the things we have learned into our processes, programming, and outreach. I am so excited about the possibilities!