Sunday, November 16, 2008

If you Give a Mom a Morning

If you give a mom a morning off, she's going to want to brew a pot of coffee.

But if she's going to brew coffee, she's going to have to clear off the counter first.

She'll have to put things away, and if she's putting things away she's probably going to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

When she sees that the dishwasher is nearly full, she'll walk through the house looking for the rest of the dirty dishes to put them in, too.

Some of the dishes in the kitchen will need to be hand-washed, so she'll get those done. A

nd, because the dishwasher is portable and will be in the way while it's running, she'll need to get the coffee on before she moves the dishwasher.

When she goes to put the coffee on, she'll need to hunt in the "sharps" drawer for the scissors to open the new packet of flavored decaff, and she'll realize that the drawer is a mess.

After setting up the coffee to brew, she'll clean out the drawer, leaving even more stuff on the counter.

Then she'll pour her coffee (done by now), get a drink of milk "just in case", and set up the dishwasher to run.

Finally, she'll sit back down at the computer to drink her coffee and enjoy her morning off, just in time to welcome her Boy Scout home from camping . . . .

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Mary Lee said...

VERY funny! Laura Numeroff, watch out!