Wednesday, March 04, 2009

3 beautiful things

1. Warm water and finally being able to enjoy a shower (even with a bench).
2. My sweetie bringing be cold Fruit2O before I even think to ask for it.
3. Heating pad over my always-cold feet, allowing me to really relax in my chair.

Still having trouble sleeping through the night, I went online tonight and ordered a new mattress topper (and new sheets!). Thanks for the tip on the sale, Mom! I sure hope the delivery comes fast! My PT is going well, though, and each day I go a few more steps with the walker. My next appointment with the "sturgeon" is Friday morning, and my sister is going to take me and spend the day with me (yay!).

DH has been ill, and went back to the Dr today to get a diff drug. He's already starting to feel improvement. He should be able to work again tomorrow. My first day alone in a week! I'll be ok, though, I'm sure.

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