Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Wanderings

Health update:
  • I'm allowed to bend my knee, and I've been a'bending! Every time I get up to move around the house, I do some of those bending exercises.
  • Still no weight on that leg, though, so I'm still wheeling and walkering.
  • I have to do leg lifts and stuff like that, too, to get my thigh and hip muscles ready to walk again. Lefty, however, is VERY strong!
Brain Update:
  • I'm bored.
  • I've got all kinds of things to do, really, like knitting, reading (great books!), watching movies and DVR'd tv, playing online, working a puzzle (this week it's Pennsylvania), coaching Si in cooking dinner, badgering Mike and Si (sorry, guys!), etc.
  • I'm still bored.
  • Still feeling pretty good, though, other than . . . well . . . did I mention that I'm bored?
Stuff I did this week:
  • I watched about 10 chick flicks. Yay! sob! Yay!
  • I conquered my inability to record a DVD - it's complicated, I tell ya! Only took 3 tries to finally get it right!
  • Called our cell phone provider after getting (gasp!) an enormous bill because our usage was 3X what our plan covers (ACK!) Let me tell you - the woman who helped me was AWESOME! I now have a cheaper but better plan, we now have unlimited TXTING (expect messages from me!) and AND she took $200 off my current bill out of pity or something (WAHOO!) Boy, that totally saves us! Seriously - it was horrible, and she was great!
  • Today I have been alone all day, and I was able to get myself my lunch - using crutches in our tiny galley kitchen. Yay me!
  • Read several books - check out my librarything updates!
  • Cast on a new knitting project - wahoo!
Why I love my husband (a short list, not at all close to inclusive):
  • He is doing so much to keep the house running.
  • He insisted that I get out of the house yesterday, and he took me to The Merc! I was only there for about an hour, but I was able to pick out yarn (thanks, Merida!) and see lots of my Sunday afternoon knitpeeps!
  • He comes into the guest bedroom each night for some nice tuck-me-in talking before going upstairs to bed. It's hard to sleep alone all the time after finally getting used to him. I can't wait til I can go up and down stairs w/o killing myself!
Why I love my son (a short list, not at all close to inclusive):
  • He is helping so much, from helping with laundry, doing trash, cleaning litterbox, helping me move around the house, etc.
  • He is fun, and has a great sense of humor - makes me laugh!
  • Also comes in to tuck me in at night, giving me hug and talking to me about the day.


Josiah Wade said...

You are a blessed woman to have such a great husband and son!

Cat said...

I know it, Josiah! Mike, especially, is such a blessing to me!