Saturday, March 07, 2009

3BT . . . or more

  1. Watching a bundle of daffodils slowly blossom all week (thanks, BFF!)
  2. Sleeping very well, finally, nearly 8 hours, thanks to the 1.5 inches of memory foam now placed over my (very old guest bed) mattress. (thanks for alerting me to the sale, Mom!)
  3. My first cup of "bought out" coffee in over a month - yummmm (thanks DH!)
  4. The concussive sound of the hammer as a curb/lip thing gets added to the edges of my ramp, which will provide me more security when I go out. (thanks, Nicker!)
  5. Having the doors open and feeling the fresh air. My cats and I all had our noses to the screen earlier, enjoying the scents of outdoors. (Thanks, Mother Nature!)

1 comment:

Jim Brochowski said...

Love your 3 BT posts. What a great way to keep things always on the positive side. It also makes me think about so many things I don't take the time to appreciate, and maybe eve take for granted.

For that I am grateful. Thank you.