Friday, March 27, 2009

Great Friday!

I had my check-up with the surgeon today. Mike took the day off to take me (and to play!)

Medical Update:
The surgeon says that my leg is healing really well. He got really excited to see that my right knee is stiffening up enough to seem like the exterior ligaments are healing, which is EXCELLENT news! I might even get away with only needing a brace and not needing the whole knee replacement thing! The interior ligaments will never heal on their own . . . but maybe that will be ok?

I'll go back again in 3 weeks, and we'll see how the brace goes. They'll be fitting me with that then, I guess. We will also, at that point, re-evaluate . . .and that re-evaluation will happen over and over again.

I still can't bear weight, but I am allowed to touch my foot to the floor a little for balance, etc. Also, my home-care PT is done, and I'm going to have to set up PT at a facility. I'm going to attack that problem tomorrow or Monday. There are lots of facilities around Columbus, but almost all of them seem to be far away.

Still don't know when I'll get back to work, but I am hoping we'll be able to set a date or at least make a plan in 3 weeks. At this point, my return date is "on the books" as June 1, but I am feeling now like we might be able to bump that up and get me back sooner. Time will tell!

Another great thing - he gave me a prescription for a Handicapped placard for the car. yay!

The Playing Part of Today:
  • After the Dr. we went right to the DMV and got me my placard. There is a nice DMV office at Kenny Center, and the line went really quickly.
  • We checked out Akai Hana, and without getting too close we saw that it was closed. We were a little bummed, but we ducked into the bakery 2 doors down and got some lovely Asian yummers. After snarfing down a delicious red bean paste-filled donut (totally decadent!), we rolled by Akai Hana again, and it was now open! Duh! We were just 10 minutes early! Ha!
  • So - after having donuts - we had a delicious sushi lunch! Great place to eat, and I'm so glad we tried it out. We'll definitely go back!
  • After lunch, Mike went to the fabulous spice shop, Penzeys, and I went to The Yarn Shop. It was my first visit to the shop, and it was a nice place. It's larger and more maneuverable than The Merc, and they seem to have a larger selection of less expensive yarns there, which is nice. I still have a very strong loyalty to The Merc, though, and it's closer to me, too. I did pick up a few skeins, though. :-)
Knitting Update:
This is a little sweater for a kid. I love the little eyelet motif on the back. You can see here that I'm doing both sleeves at one time - saves on note-taking, and ensures that they will be the same length!

Simon Update:
Here he is, packed and ready for the weekend with the Scouts. He had to come back after he and his dad had left the house, because he'd neglected to put on his new hiking boots and was still wearing his tennis shoes. Sigh.


Mary Lee said...

PT recommendation: McConnell (right next too the McConnell Heart Health Center health club). I went there for PT after back surgery. Nice folk. Nice facility.

Amanda said...

How did I miss this post about Akai Hana??? Did you like?

Cat said...

Oh, we both loved it! I ate so much, brought some home and even had too much for dinner! It was fabulous, and I can't wait til we can go again!

Mary Lee, I am going to McConnell! I went there for rehab after my heart surgery, and I like the people.