Monday, March 16, 2009

Phinally Photos!

First, the lovely daffodils that I got a few weeks ago . . . just starting to bloom . . . and then blooming!

I've been wanting to show how Samwise insists on being on my lap, even when my lap is already mostly filled with my laptop. He finds room, no matter what. I use random stuffed animals to prop up the laptop, but also to keep Sam off my bum leg.

Knitting! Here's what I have close at hand: another little blanket bunny buddy - they're fun, and cute. How old of a child do you think would tolerate/like one of these?

This is a little baby sweater - Baby Bolero, from the book One Skein - that I cast on just yesterday! I'm near completion on it, but I think I'll probably cast off tomorrow.

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